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Learn about the internet: understanding how young people use the internet and what they enjoy doing will help you to recognise any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour. It will also help you to talk with your child about their online activities if they think you understand the online environment.

Below are some factsheets in PDF format covering frequently asked questions for some popular apps and websites.

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KiK Logo

A parents guide to (PDF, 170KB)


A parents guide to Kik Messenger (PDF, 215KB)

Snapchat Logo


Instagram Logo

A parents guide to Snapchat (PDF, 215KB)


A parents guide to Instagram (PDF, 240KB)

Minecraft Logo


Twitter Logo

A parents guide to Minecraft (PDF, 1.41MB)


A parents guide to Twitter (PDF, 598KB)

Tinder Logo


Youtube Logo

A 17 years+ guide to Tinder (PDF, 853KB)


A parents' guide to Youtube (PDF, 640KB)

Facebook Logo


Cybercrime Factsheet

A parents' guide to Facebook (PDF, 887KB)


Cybercrime Factsheet (PDF, 762KB)

Other Useful Resources

Several helpful factsheets on understanding how young people are using technology have also been developed by other organisations.

Online Radicalisation Factsheet


Online Radicalisation (PDF, 118KB)
The Australian government has created a factsheet on online radicalisation as part of its Living Safe Together website.