Teachers Toolkit

Our young people have access to technology and information we wouldn’t have thought possible when we were young.

This Teachers Toolkit initiative has been developed to assist teachers in addressing specific issues in the classroom environment. ThinkUKnow Teacher’s Toolkits include classroom activities, videos, and information on where children can go to for further help. They aim to prompt open discussion among students on technology and how to use it in a safe and positive way, and align with the Australian Curriculum.

A key focus for ThinkUknow presentations is to empower parents, carers and teachers to communicate openly with young people about what they do online, the challenges they may face, what they can do and who to talk to if they have an issue.

Teacher’s Toolkit on sharing personal sexual content 

ThinkUKnow has developed a toolkit on the issue of sharing personal sexual content (also known as sexting) to assist teachers and schools talk to talk to young people only about this matter.

This toolkit includes a classroom activity, an education video, classroom discussions and questions, and helpful information for teachers to better understand how and why young people engage in this behaviour.

This lesson can be adapted to suit individual age groups or to address issues relevant to the group, however it is most suitable for grades 7-10.

Please note, this product is intended for education professionals.
For access to teachers toolkits and accompanying videos, please contact us